Choosing a proper ultrasound scanner is critical
for imaging and diagnosis.

Our Ultrasound Scanner

We use the latest model of the GE Voluson E10 in its advanced configuration (BT20). On top of this, it is supercharged with the latest visualisation options and 3D/4D technology.

Currently, this is the best commercially available scanner specifically designed for scanning pregnant women.

Our Imaging

In addition to our extensive expertise in using the Voluson E10, it is able to support:

  • Next-generation imaging,
  • Surprisingly high-resolution images,
  • High-quality screening.


Our centre is equipped with five different ultrasound transducers (probes), which is likely to be greater than any other centre.

This may not be common knowledge, but the transducer is the most important (and expensive) part of the ultrasound set-up. For some scans you need special transducers, which are modified to suit the challenge. With our wide range of matrix and 3D/4D transducers, we are able to perform the most precise diagnostic scans with unbeatable resolution in a variety of scanning conditions.

Transvaginal scanning (TVS)

We are experts in transvaginal scanning, which is an important and powerful tool in obstetric imaging. In recent years, TVS technology has significantly improved.

Our Voluson E10 is fitted with two different 3D/4D transvaginal probes and one of them is a unique 12 Mhz transducer, which has the highest possible resolution specifically designed for fetal imaging.


For diagnostic scanning we use the latest 3D/4D technology and software to examine the health of your baby. 3D/4D ultrasound has some unique properties and is thus able give use the best possible clinical information.

We want to emphasize that this advanced 3D/4D technology is performed in order to assess the health and well-being of your baby. Performing non-medical ultrasounds has been disapproved by many national and international societies and we support their recommendations and we wish to provide you with the best medical reassurance possible.


Doppler ultrasound is essential for fetal heart examination and evaluation of the baby’s blood vessels, umbilical cord, placenta, and the womb. Our scanner is equipped with the latest colour technologies and the most recent developments in hardware and software.

We also have extensive expertise in tuning Doppler in order to get the best possible clinical information.

file system

We use a novel secure digital reporting system, which allows you to see and download the images of your baby from any device that has an internet connection. You can then share these images and reports with your healthcare provider and other members of the family.

Ultrasound printouts

We will print conventional black and white ultrasound pictures of your baby. Our paper-printed reports will contain all medically important information regarding your baby and pregnancy. We also have an option of large-scale colour (A3) printing of your baby’s 3D images (separately priced).

Voluson E10 – The latest in our Expert Series.

More information about the Voluson E10 for the doctors GE Healthcare

The Voluson E10 ultrasound system is based on the innovative Radiance System Architecture that set new standards in Imaging Performance by providing spectacular 2D and 3D/4D images, excellent penetration for your technically difficult examinations, new volume imaging tools, and advanced applications to help you address difficult cases.

The system is specifically designed to suit the needs of an advanced women’s health practise, where complex cases are the rule, not the exception. It is intended to support a setting where patients come to you with challenging questions to which you want confident answers.

The Voluson E10 also supports GE’s next generation HdliveTM, HdliveSilhouette, and HDlive Flow; the images are truly extraordinary! The system is based on the familiar Voluson workflow with enhancements in automation, productivity, and connectivity to help address your busy practise needs. As a result, you can have extraordinary confidence in your ability to:

  • Image a comprehensive range of complex women’s health issues,
  • Assess fetal health from the early stages,
  • Increase workflow efficiency and productivity,
  • Deliver the high level of imaging excellence that your practice demands.

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