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Cryotherapy package

Cryotherapy is a treatment used for genital warts

Is this package for me?

Women suffering from the symptoms or diagnosed genital warts

What is included in this package?

This packages includes

  • A consultation with a consultant gynaecologist, including ultrasound scanning
  • Clinical assessment including full medical history
  • Comprehensive report to you and your doctor

How will I get my results?

You will receive your ultrasound report shortly after your appointment via our secure cloud system.

Following the receipt of the results, we will arrange a 10 minute phone consultation to interpret the results and discuss the following actions.

We are also happy to send the results to your GP and arrange any  further referrals as appropriate.

Further steps

If the check-up results in any concerns regarding your health, we will arrange a referral to the relevant medical professionals weather private or NHS – as you prefer and will follow up on any of your concerns.

Do you want to know more or need a consultation?

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