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Gynae support in Central London

We are experts in women’s health and ultrasound – the most powerful tool medicine has to offer in gynae screening. We offer private gynaecology services.

Woman receiving private gynaecology services at London Pregnancy Clinic.

Holistic Approach to Women’s health

At our private gynaecology services clinic in London, we specialise in ultrasound scans and a wide range of early pregnancy and gynaecology issues such as fertility, reproductive health, contraception, miscarriage, sexual health screening and early pregnancy care.

Our private gynaecologists in London also specialise in screening and advising on gynaecological conditions such as ovarian cysts, ovarian cancer, smear tests, ovarian fibroids and more.

Woman receiving a report after her private gynaecology consultation at London Pregnancy Clinic.

Expert advice from our consultant gynecologist

Comprehensive Gynaecology care

  • Consultations with gynaecologist consultants with over 20 years of experience and expertise in ultrasound

  • Pelvic Ultrasound Experts – we use the latest state of the art 2D and 3D ultrasound equipment (£260)

  • Expertise to diagnose and treat various conditions such as fertility, menopause, fibroids, coil fitting, endometriosis, PCOS and sexual health

  • Convenient City of London location by Spitalfields Market

  • Same day, evening, and weekend appointments

  • Well-woman packages for a general female health check up

  • Fertility and Reproductive Medicine expertise 

  • 5* rated service on Google, Trustpilot & Doctify

  • Scan report, and images sent straight to your smartphone. We can also send the referrals to your GP or any other doctor upon request

  • Follow up consultations available by Zoom/telephone

  • We work with insurance companies – please get in touch to enquire.

Our Expertise

Gynaecology Consultation £300

Whether you have a specific concern, seeking a second opinion or would just like a general routine check-up, our private gynaecology unit is here to help. 

We offer a professional, discrete and caring environment to cater for all your gynaecological health related questions.

An initial consultation with our expert gynaecologists is £300, an ultrasound scan where required can be added for £175. A follow up consultation is £200. Video/telephone consultations are also available in most cases.

Pelvic Ultrasound Scan £260

Pelvic ultrasound is the most common screening tool in gynaecology. It can be used to identify certain conditions such as ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis and others.

Our consultant gynaecologist and sonographers are experts in gynae ultrasound. A comprehensive report and interpretation of the scan will be provided after the scan, as well as the images and videos from the scan. Follow-up consultation with our consultant gynaecologist is available to interpret and discuss the results for an additional fee. 

Pre-Pregnancy and post-Natal Care

Pregnancy is a transformative life experience for you and your body. Our experts in private gynaecology in London offer a comprehensive health check-up before and after your pregnancy journey. 

Our pre-pregnancy package is designed to provide an invaluable insight into your general health in preparation for a planned pregnancy.

Our postnatal package comprises from a wide range of checks to screen for your gynaecological health after a c-section or a natural delivery.

Miscarriage support

Recurrent miscarriage or pregnancy loss can sometimes be linked to other gynaecological conditions. If you have suffered from two or more miscarriages, you may benefit from this comprehensive recurrent miscarriage screening and consultation. 

Coil Fitting from £520

Coil fitting consultations performed by a consultant gynaecologist. Including an ultrasound scan, contraception discussion and a follow-up appointment. Copper, hormonal and non-hormonal coils available.  

Sexual Health Check up

We offer a comprehensive check-up of the female reproductive system including screening for common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as well as a consultation with our gynaecologist to discuss your sexual health and interpret the blood/urine test results.

Fertility Health Check up

Our fertility health check-up provides an in-depth analysis of various gynaecological factors affecting female fertility. This package includes a consultation, scan and blood tests.

Well-Woman check up

The ultimate health screening option for women at any stage of your life. This package offers a consultation, scan and a comprehensive range of blood tests to screen for your general health. Even if you don’t have any specific symptoms or concerns, it is a good idea to get a well-woman check once a year. 

HyCoSy Scan £550

A Hysterosalpingo-contrast-sonography (HyCoSy) scan is a non-invasive ultrasound procedure used to examine the uterus and fallopian tubes for potential fertility issues. Utilising contrast dye and high-frequency sound waves, HyCoSy provides detailed images to detect blockages or abnormalities. Often chosen over traditional methods due to its safety and accuracy, this scan is a vital tool for fertility diagnostics. With HyCoSy, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your reproductive health, helping guide appropriate treatment strategies for your fertility journey.

Holistic approach to gynaecology care

Our comprehensive screening packages

Expert gynaecologist advice and screening

menopausal health check-up

Menopause affects women who are approaching their 50’s. This screening package is designed to screen for gynaecological conditions that occur in this time of your life.

endometriosis package

This package is for women with suspected endometriosis or those having symptoms such as pain after sex or heavy periods. It includes a consultation, scan and blood tests.

pcos package

This package is for women with suspected PCOS or irregular vaginal bleeding. It includes a consultation, scan and blood tests.

hpv vaccination

The human papilloma virus (HPV) is a common sexually transmitted disease. HPV vaccination is recommended for the prevention of HPV related caners. 

uterine fibroids testing and monitoring

This package is for women suffering from fibroids symptoms such as abnormal bleeding and heavy periods. It includes a consultation, scan and blood tests.

ovarian cancer testing

This package is for women in the high-risk group for gynaecological cancers, specifically ovarian cancer, such as women taking fertility treatment, women experiencing new pelvic pain and women with family history of cancer. 

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