Our Fees

NHS staff: 25% off scans and 10% off NIPT packages. Please call to book

(NHS Staff ID will be checked prior to your appointment)


  • Scan fees

    Private scan price list for singleton pregnancies
    Weeks Price  
    Viability scan 6-9 140 Book now
    10 Week Scan 10-11 260 Book now
    Early Fetal Scan 12-16 260 Book now
    Early Echocardiography 12-18 320 Book now
    Anomaly Scan 20-25 260 Book now
    3rd Trimester Anomaly Scan 26-29 260 Book now
    Wellbeing Scan 30-35 260 Book now
    Presentation Scan 36-40 260 Book now
    Scan Upon Request 10-40 260 Book now

    Private price list for NIPT
    NIPT package Scan + Sample Handling Blood test price  
    Invitae NIPT + 10 Week Scan (10-11 weeks) 300 80 Book now
    Harmony NIPT + 10 Week Scan (10-11 weeks) 300 240 Book now
    Invitae NIPT + Early Anomaly Scan 300 80 Book now
    Harmony NIPT + Early Anomaly Scan 300 240 Book now

    NIPT consultation + Early Anomaly Scan (10 Week Scan/Early Fetal Scan) £300

    Includes expert scan, NIPT consultation, phlebotomy and sample handling. 

    + NIPT blood test costs charged separately:

    • Invitae NIPT – 99$ or ~£80 (total cost ~£380)

    Payable directly to Invitae. The test is performed in the US, with turnaround time 5-7 working days.

    The test cost is $99 – your bank may charge you FX transaction cost.

    • Harmony NIPT – £240 (total cost £540)

    Payable at the clinic. The test is performed by TDL in London, with turnaround time 3-5 working days in 95% of the cases.

    * Please note, we do not offer these blood test on a standalone basis without a scan.

  • Package fees

    Private scan package price list for singleton pregnancies
    packages number of scans Price  
    Early Fetal Reassurance 2 500 Book now
    NHS Complementing Package 3 730 Book now
    Comprehensive Scan Package 6 1250 Book now

    NIPT blood test is charged separately: 

    Harmony NIPT for £240 or Invitae NIPT for $99/£80.

    Refund policy for packages:

    In the unfortunate event of pregnancy loss or various pregnancy complications where the pregnancy scan package is deemed unnecessary by our Medical Staff, we will refund you the proportion of the scans that were not performed. For example, if you took a 3 scan package and only ended up having 2 of the 3, we will refund you 33% of the total package fee. 

Twins and Multiple pregnancies scans fees

Please be advised that twin pregnancies are charged +20% for each scan – we look at each baby individually and so it takes the clinician twice as long as examining one baby

Similarly triplets are charged at +40% the quoted scan price, in 20% increments per baby

Triplets are not eligible for NIPT

NIPT (Harmony or Invitae) is only offered from 10 Weeks

Our NIPT packages come alongside our revolutionary Early Anomaly Scans (10 Weeks Scan or Early Fetal Scan) to screen for structural anomalies as well as chromosomal anomalies. We offer a choice between two NIPT providers, Invitae NIPS (NIPT) or Harmony NIPT:

  • Invitae NIPT
    Performed in the US by Invitae, superior NIPT results with a low no-call rate and a low fetal fraction cutoff. Turnaround time is typically 5-7 working days.
  • Harmony NIPT
    Most well known NIPT brand as it has been around the longest. Performed by TDL in London with a turnaround time 3-5 working days in 95% of cases. Can sometimes take up to 7 working days if the first tube fails.

Please note – we strongly recommend waiting for 10 weeks + 2 days when booking your Harmony/Invitae NIPT Test appointment. The labs require the CRL measurement of the gestational age of the baby to be at least 10 weeks. Sometimes CRL estimation can differ from your LMP gestational age. This is to ensure that there is enough cfDNA in the mother’s blood to perform the test reliably (also referred to as ‘Fetal Fraction’.) We reserve the right to charge an extra £50 in case you require a repeat appointment to draw the bloods if you came in before 10 weeks to cover our staffing costs.

In case of ‘no call’ results we will arrange another appointment for a repeat test and scan free of charge.

3D/4D baby scan & Gender Reveal are included in the price of the scan where appropriate

We use the latest 2D/3D/4D ultrasound equipment. Our doctors main concern is to screen for your baby’s health. Once we are satisfied the pregnancy is developing normally, our doctor will happily share the images from your scan. Since we are a medical centre, we do not take images of your baby for keepsake purposes, meaning we cannot guarantee the quality of images for non medical purposes. We can determine the baby’s gender with a high certainly from 13 weeks using ultrasound (about ~95% accurate). From 14 weeks the baby’s gender can be determined at close to 100% accuracy using ultrasound.

At London Pregnancy Clinic we pride ourselves for being an ethical medical institution. Our scans are all medical, we do not offer quick stand alone gender/4D scans. We are happy to provide those as an add on service to anomaly screening scans where we aim to check the wellbeing of your baby.

On rare occasions where we find something unexpected during this routine screening, we may not be able to provide those services as we will focus on the diagnosis and referring you to the relevant specialist.

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