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Early Pregnancy Scans in London

We are experts in first trimester pregnancy and baby ultrasound scans. Compare our early diagnostic options and choose your early pregnancy scan in London.

Early Pregnancy Scans we offer in London. A picture of a couple holding a picture of an ultrasound scan image.

We offer expert pregnancy scans from 6 weeks

At our early pregnancy clinic in London, we offer the most comprehensive scans at every stage of pregnancy. We have high-quality early pregnancy scans in London for expectant mothers starting with the 6-week pregnancy scan.

We are leaders in the field of early reassurance scans. Our team developed our revolutionary 10-week anomaly scan which is the earliest opportunity to examine your baby’s anatomy.

3D Image of an embryo at 8 weeks captured at our Viability Scan. This is one of the Early Pregnancy Scans we offer in London.

3D Image of an embryo at 8 weeks captured at our Viability Scan

Early Scans at London Pregnancy Clinic

  • Early viability/dating scan from 6 weeks (£140) with a fetal medicine specialist. Includes pre-NIPT counselling. 

  • 10-week anomaly scan – our revolutionary scan to exclude 10 severe structural anomalies at 10 weeks. This scan is designed to complement NIPT screening as a comprehensive structural and chromosomal anomaly screening solution.

  • Private early pregnancy scan at 12-16 weeks to exclude >100 different structural anomalies

  • Anomaly scan + NIPT options – PrenatalSafe or Panorama NIPT from 9 weeks (from £500)

  • Scans and NIPT appointment with our fetal medicine specialist doctors and specialist sonographers with extensive NHS and international experience.

  • Same day, evening, and weekend appointments

  • NIPT results in 2-4 working days as early as 9 weeks

  • Optional gender reveal included in the price from 13 weeks

  • Latest 3D/4D ultrasound technology 

  • 5* rated service on Google, Trustpilot & Doctify

  • Colour printouts included where 3D is possible. Scan report, videos and images sent straight to your smartphone

Early Pregnancy Scans Explained

Viability/Dating Scan 6-9 weeks

The viability scan or dating scan is the scan confirming the normal development of the pregnancy inside the womb. Other aims of this scan are to determine the number of babies (embryos) and to date the pregnancy. At this stage, the embryo is still very small, and it is generally not possible to perform a structural examination until it develops into a human-like fetus. We recommend doing this scan at week 7 of pregnancy.

Includes pre-NIPT counselling.

Learn more about our viability scan on this dedicated page.

10 Week Anomaly Scan

At 10 weeks your baby finishes its embryological development, and we can assess its health and development. It’s our unique ultrasound examination, which we have developed for the patients who wish to have early reassurance. 10 weeks scans work best in combination with an advanced NIPT.

Learn more about our 10-week scan on this dedicated page.

10 Structural Anomalies we Screen for at 10 weeks

With our expertise and technology, we are able to screen for structural anomalies from 10 weeks (approximate prevalence in the first trimester):

  • Acrania (1:1,000)
  • Alobar Holoprosencephaly (1:1,300)
  • Spina Bifida (1:2,000)
  • Absence of arms, hands, legs or feet (1:2,000)
  • Encephalocele (1:5,000)
  • Exomphalos (Omphalocele) with liver (1:3,500)
  • Amniotic Band Anomaly (1:7,000)
  • Body Stalk Anomaly (1:7,500)
  • Sirenomelia (1:60,000)
  • Conjoined Twins (1% of monochorionic twins)

In comparison, the prevalence of the chromosomal conditions screened for by NIPT:

If you take the pregnancy test at 12+ weeks we are able to screen for >200 structural fetal anomalies.

Early Fetal Anomaly Scan

The early fetal scan is our signature scan which represents a comprehensive examination of the baby by protocol like the NHS 20 weeks anomaly scan. Understandably at 12-16 weeks the baby is still immature, and some anomalies/problems can be invisible or not developed, however from 12 weeks we can detect at least 50% of all structural anomalies. Most importantly from 12 weeks we can exclude the majority of spina bifida, other severe neural tube defects and 2/3 of severe heart defects.

For parents having our 10-week scan we would recommend the early fetal scan at 15-16 weeks, because some anomalies visible at this stage cannot be detectable at 12 weeks.

Learn more about our early fetal anomaly scan on this dedicated page.

Early Fetal Echocardiography

Early fetal echocardiography or early echo is a special detailed scan for the baby’s heart, which we can perform as early as from 12 weeks.

We highly recommend this scan for all babies with increased nuchal translucency (NT) measurements, fetal anomalies, or other unusual findings detected at the 11-13 weeks scan.

Learn more about early echo.

Why do I need to have an ultrasound scan with NIPT?

Ultrasound is a vital part of fetal screening. The laboratory requires a confirmation of viability and gestational age by the clinic submitting each NIPT.

NIPT is a highly effective screening test for 3 chromosomal anomalies, however it is unable to screen for structural anomalies such as heart or brain defects which are more common and often more serious than Down’s syndrome. With our early pregnancy scans, we offer multiple NIPT options:

Here at London Pregnancy Clinic, we pride ourselves on our patient-centric approach towards NIPTs and help you pick the RIGHT test for you. We specialise in early detection of fetal anomalies, the fetal heart and the fetal brain. Visit our scans page to find out which scan you will be having along with NIPT.

10 Weeks Scan and NIPT

10-week scan and NIPT is the best option for early first trimester screening. It is an advanced test that checks for both the most severe structural defects and most common chromosomal abnormalities.

This test is optimal together with the early fetal scan at 16 weeks as a part of our EARLY FETAL REASSURANCE PACKAGE.

3D ultrasound of a fetus at 12 weeks captured on our Early Fetal Scan. This is one of the Early Pregnancy Scans we offer in London.

3D ultrasound of a fetus at 12 weeks captured on our Early Fetal Scan

Comparison of our 1st trimester scans:

6-9 weeks:
Viability and Dating Scan


Best time to perform
7 weeks


To confirm viability, to see how many babies you have, and to date the pregnancy. In the case you interested to have NIPT for Downs syndrome screening, dating scan will help you to plan an appointment for this test at earliest possibility (from 10+ weeks)

Scan with NIPT
Not possible to perform NIPT (too early)


Exclude miscarriage, and other early pregnancy complications.

3D Imaging

From 8 weeks

Gender Reveal

Not possible 

The pregnancy-embryo structures we will assess:

Pregnancy Dating +++

Baby’s Heartbeat +++

Fetal measurements ++ 

Number of fetuses ++ 

Type of twins +++

External appearance+

Head – 

Brain – 

Spine – 

Face – 

Heart structure – 

Internal body organs – 

Abdominal wall – 

Kidneys and bladder – 

Arms/legs + (at 9 weeks)

Hands/feet – 

Fingers – 

Structural anomalies screening

Not possible: the baby has not finished its embryological development

10-11 weeks:
10 Weeks Anomaly Scan


Best time to perform
10 weeks with NIPT


To exclude major anomalies before NIPT

Scan with NIPT
Best scan for NIPT


Earliest reassurance for normal baby’s anatomical development

3D Imaging

Best quality

Gender Reveal

With NIPT only (not by scan)

The pregnancy-fetal structures we will assess:

Pregnancy Dating +++

Baby’s Heartbeat +++

Fetal measurements +++ 

Number of fetuses +++

Type of twins +++

External appearance +++

Head ++

Brain +

Spine ++

Face – 

Heart structure +

Internal body organs – 

Abdominal wall ++

Kidneys and bladder – 

Arms/legs ++

Hands/feet ++ 

Fingers + 

Structural anomalies screening

10 most severe anomalies:

acrania, holoprosencephaly, spina bifida, body stalk anomaly, major exomphalos, pentalogy of Cantrell, early fetal hydrops, sirenomelia, absence of limbs or hands or feet, abnormal twin pregnancies

12-16 Weeks:
Early Fetal Anomaly Scan


Best time to perform
13 weeks, or 16 weeks if you had our 10 Weeks Scan


Comprehensive early anomaly scan

Scan with NIPT
Possible with NIPT


Comprehensive, screening for >200 anomalies

3D Imaging


Gender Reveal

Included from 13+ weeks

The pregnancy-fetal structures we will assess

Pregnancy Dating ++

Baby’s Heartbeat +++

Fetal measurements ++

Number of fetuses +++

Type of twins ++ (limited after 13+)

External appearance ++

Head +++

Brain ++

Spine +++

Face +++

Heart structure +++

Internal body organs ++

Abdominal wall +++

Kidneys and bladder ++

Arms/legs +++

Hands/feet +++

Fingers +++

Structural anomalies screening

More than 100 types of structural anomalies

especially heart defects, brain and spine anomalies, facial anomalies, internal organs anomalies. Detection more than 50% of structural anomalies. Heart defects screening detection of 2/3 (67.7%) severe heart defects

Key for scoring system of diagnostic quality of imaging of the structures on our different scans:
–  not visible or impossible to evaluate
+ suboptimal visualisation (too small)
++ can be used for diagnostic purposes
+++ the best quality diagnostic imaging
Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question? We have an answer.

What is the best screening schedule in early pregnancy? How can I reduce the chances for my baby to be born with anomaly/syndrome?

The best EARLY PREGNANCY scans and tests schedule would be:

Location of the pregnancy

Viability of the baby (babies)

Number of babies

Dating of pregnancy (EDD – estimated delivery date)

Screening for 10 most severe structural anomalies

Screening for Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal defects

Optional gender reveal by NIPT

Screening for more than 100 different serious structural anomalies

Optional gender reveal by scan

We have created a special EARLY FETAL REASSURANCE PACKAGE to address our patients need for early support.

Can I get a week 4 Pregnancy Scan?

At just 4 weeks pregnant, your little one is still incredibly tiny, like a poppy seed nestled snugly in your womb. Therefore, even with our advanced technology, we wont be able to see anything meaningful on the ultrasound screen. The fluttering heartbeat, a hallmark of early development, usually starts beating around week 6. So, while a home pregnancy test might have given you the joyful news, an early scan at this stage wouldn’t be able to show much yet.

What is Early Fetal Echocardiography?

Early echo is our special scan to confirm normal development of the baby’s heart. From 12 weeks we can exclude up to 80% prenatally detectable severe fetal heart defects.

This scan is highly recommended if you baby has increased nuchal translucency (NT), or other unusual findings or anomalies on your 1st trimester scan.

Early echocardiography includes a comprehensive check of all other fetal structures and organs like we do at the early fetal scan.

Read more about early fetal echocardiography here:

What is the most comprehensive scan which is possible to do at 12-13 weeks?

Early fetal echocardiography is the most advanced scan you can perform in the first trimester from 12 weeks.

This special scan includes:

  • expert examination of the fetal heart and great vessels
  • early fetal neurosonography: special examination of the brain
  • comprehensive top-to-toe examination of all baby’s structures
  • measurements of nuchal translucency NT thickness (at 12-13 weeks) or nuchal fold afterwards

To learn more about early fetal echocardiography, click here.

Are you doing a Nuchal Translucency Scan (NT)?

Nuchal translucency (NT) is a collection of fluid under the skin of the baby’s neck. It considered as an indirect marker for fetal anomalies (chromosomal and structural). The nuchal translucency (NT) scan was developed in the 1990s when it was impossible to perform a proper check of the fetal structures due to low resolution of old ultrasound scanners.

On the early fetal scan or early fetal echocardiography we perform state-of-the-art checks for all fetal anatomy and especially for the brain, spine and the heart. Those scans are superior to the NT scan, because they look for all of the baby instead of measuring the fluid in the back of the fetal neck. Saying that, we still offer measurements of NT for all our patients (at 11-13 weeks). If the measurement is 3.5 mm or above, we will perform the early fetal echocardiography for free.

We do not use NT for calculation of the chances for Down’s syndrome because of it false-negative and false positive results. For Down’s syndrome screening we use NIPT, which is much more accurate test.

When is the best time to perform the NIPT scan?

We recommend taking the NIPT along with our comprehensive early anomaly scan as soon as possible – 10 weeks. Early detection of either chromosomal or structural anomalies allows more time in terms of pregnancy management for those conditions.

If you’re unsure about the age of your pregnancy, please allow a couple of days after the 10-week mark to avoid repeat appointments for drawing the bloods.

In theory, NIPT is available from 10-40 weeks, but it is strongly recommended to take the test in the first trimester, as the pregnancy management options in the second trimester are very limited. 

What if my NIPT results show high chance for a chromosomal anomaly?

In case the NIPT results in a high chance for Down’s/Edward’s/Patau’s syndromes our doctor will contact you and explain the further steps we advise to take. We will most likely arrange a referral to your NHS fetal medicine unit for further counselling and possible diagnostic tests such as CVS or amniocentesis.

Alternatively, we can refer you to a private fetal medicine consultant (consultation cost is not included in our service.)

We will also offer you our early fetal echocardiography for free, in the case you wish to know the condition of your baby’s heart (if it has a congenital heart defect).

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