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About us

We are fetal health, obstetrics, gynaecology and private pregnancy care specialists

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a reassuring experience in your pregnancy journey through using our extensive expertise and advanced ultrasound technology.

Our vision is that all parents deserve to know about health of their baby as early as possible and to have the most thorough examinations of the baby’s development during all periods of pregnancy. We have carefully designed a scanning schedule which we believe is optimal for parents reassuring from the earliest possible stage, namely from 7 weeks. We perform very early anomaly scans in combination with NIPT from 10 weeks. Our scans are supported by the latest medical advancements and the personal expertise of our Founder and Medical Director, Dr Fred Ushakov who is an internationally recognised Fetal Ultrasound expert and the founder of the London School of Ultrasound.

London pregnancy clinic imaging services – Choose us because

  • All scans performed by GMC registered Fetal Medicine Doctors and Specialist Sonographers with extensive ultrasound expertise in the NHS and internationally.

  • Ultimate range of all pregnancy scans at any stage of gestation designed to screen the full fetal anatomy.

  • NIPT + Anomaly Scan at 10 weeks. We screen for structural anomalies as well as chromosomal conditions such as Down’s Syndrome.

  • Fetal Echocardiography – expert heart examination available from 12 weeks.

  • Fetal Neurosonography – expert fetal brain examination available from 12 weeks

  • Latest high-resolution ultrasound technology
  • Secure cloud-based reporting system for your baby images, referrals and reports. High resolution colour printouts.

  • 3rd Trimester Anomaly Scan at 26-29 weeks to exclude delayed manifestation of birth defects (especially of the brain and the heart), fetal growth disorders and other developmental abnormalities.

  • Special expertise in internal (transvaginal) scans

  • Special expertise in medical 3D/4D ultrasound, especially 3D transvaginal Neurosonography
  • Comprehensive Pregnancy Scan Package covering all essential ultrasound diagnostic requirements for every pregnant woman
  • Baby’s gender prediction and 3D/4D scan included in the price of fetal health scans

  • Central London Location – conveniently located in the City of London by Liverpool Street Station with excellent transport links and close out of Congestion Charge parkings.

Meet the team

The Clinicians

Dr Fred Ushakov

Dr Fred Ushakov

Specialist in Fetal Medicine & Obstetrical Ultrasound

Ms Shaz Khojasteh

Specialist Sonographer in Fetal Medicine, Gynaecology & Fertility
London Pregnancy Clinic portrait of Ms Diane Nzelu is a Consultant in Maternal – Fetal medicine.

Ms Diane Nzelu

Consultant in Maternal – Fetal Medicine

Mr Prashant Purohit

Consultant Gynaecologist
Dr. Giovanni Granozio

Dr Giovanni Granozio

Specialist in Obstetrical Ultrasound

Ms Quynh Tran

Specialist Sonographer in Fetal Medicine, Gynaecology & Fertility
London Pregnancy Clinic - Private midwife antenatal care - Sarah Kheirallah

Ms Sarah Kheirallah

Specialist Private Midwife with a holistic approach
London Pregnancy Clinic - Advanced Sonographer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology - Karin Meeds

Ms Karin Meeds

Advanced Sonographer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
London Pregnancy Clinic Team - Private registered genetic counsellor - Ailidh Watson - Experienced Women's Health Specialists in City of London

Ms Ailidh Watson

Registered private genetic counsellor.

Our Clinic Staff


Clinical Assistant and Massage Therapist

Iulia is an experienced healthcare professional and worked as a paediatric/neonatal nurse in her native country. Her responsibilities include phlebotomy, assisting clinicians with their day to day tasks and chaperoning on clinical procedures. Iulia’s experience in mainly in the healthcare industry, but she also worked in administrative roles and childcare. Iulia also holds a diploma in Health and Wellness Massage.

Iulia is a keen Yogini and enjoys reading and swimming. She speaks Ukrainian and Russian.


Clinical Assistant

Dipali joined our team in September 2022.


Administrative Assistant

Fatma joined our team in August 2022 and is fluent in Turkish.


Clinical Assistant

Molly is a passionate and knowledgeable clinical assistant who is also an ambassador for the International IVF Initiative. She holds a Master’s degree in Prenatal Genetics and Fetal Medicine from UCL and has research experience in Neuroendocrinology and Fertility at the University of St Andrews. Molly is a valuable asset to any team, and her expertise and dedication make her a trusted advisor to her patients.


We use the latest model of the GE Voluson E10 ultrasound scanner in its advanced configuration (BT20). On top of this, it is supercharged with the latest visualisation options and 3D/4D technology.

Currently, this is the best commercially available scanner specifically designed for fetal and gynaecological pregnancy scanning.


Doppler ultrasound is essential for fetal heart examination and evaluation of the baby’s blood vessels, umbilical cord, placenta, and the womb. Our scanner is equipped with the latest colour technologies and the most recent developments in hardware and software.

We also have extensive expertise in tuning Doppler in order to get the best possible clinical information.

We also use a cloud-based system for your baby’s reports, images, and clips -Tricefy

We use a novel secure digital reporting system, which allows you to see and download the images of your baby from any device that has an internet connection. You can then share these images and reports with your healthcare provider and other members of the family.

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Take a Tour of Our Practice

Our Clinic is conveniently located in the City of London. We have invested in all the latest technology, including a 2020 Voluson E10, extra-high-resolution probes, and a Tricefy cloud server where you can view your scan images and reports as soon as you finish your appointment.

Most importantly, we follow a scientific medical approach and do not offer ‘entertainment scans.’ Our primary concern is your baby’s health and as a result we do not offer sexing/keepsake images 3D/4D scans. We are more than happy to provide these free of charge as a part of your scan where possible, after having completed a thorough examination of your baby’s heart, brain, other organs, and its growth and development.

Fred’s dream was always to open a London Ultrasound Centre where he can offer outstanding, professional and caring diagnostic services.