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Genetic Testing and Counselling

Genetic testing and counselling give expectant parents vital information about their baby’s health.

The London Pregnancy Clinic offers comprehensive genetic services, ensuring early detection of genetic conditions and providing information about your baby’s genetic health.

London Pregnancy Clinic - genetic testing and counselling

Noninvasive investigation of baby’s genome

We take a holistic approach to fetal genetic health. First, we offer pre-test genetic counselling, explaining the pros and cons of various genetic screening tests.

Next, we use the most advanced NIPT and carrier screening tests to predict fetal genotype, which examines the baby’s genetic makeup. If genetic tests reveal any unusual or abnormal findings, we provide detailed counselling to explain the results and plan the next steps.

Finally, if there is any indication of a genetic syndrome, our fetal medicine experts perform ultrasound scans for fetal phenotype. These scans assess the baby’s physical characteristics to predict the severity of the condition.

Smiling couple receiving genetic counselling at London Pregnancy Clinic, advanced genetic testing, prenatal screening, NIPT services.

Genetic counselling care services in London

Why Choose Our Clinic?

  • Expertise: Our team includes highly professional geneticists with extensive prenatal genetics experience

  • Comprehensive Care: We offer the broadest spectrum of pre-conceptional and antenatal genetic screening services in London

  • State-of-the-Art Technology: We use the latest genetic testing and human genomics advancements for accurate and timely results. We are constantly updated regarding the tests’ performance

  • Global Collaboration: We directly collaborate with the most advanced international genetic labs, reducing tests turnaround time and costs for patients

  • Advanced Ultrasound Scans: If the test results are positive, we can perform thorough scans for your baby to identify any genetic markers

  • Supportive Environment: We provide compassionate counselling to help you navigate genetic information’s emotional and practical aspects

  • Appointments are available online (Zoom/Phone) or face-to-face, call us if you need an urgent counselling

  • 5* rated service on Google, Trustpilot & Doctify


At London Pregnancy Clinic, we commit to providing personalised and compassionate genetic counselling tailored to your unique needs. We offer various types of genetic counselling to suit different requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our genetic counselling services and discover how we can support you throughout your pregnancy journey.


Personalised Guidance

We offer thorough counselling that covers all aspects of your family history and genetic concerns. Our experts delve into your family’s genetic background, assessing potential hereditary conditions. This comprehensive approach helps identify risks and provides a clear understanding of possible genetic issues. Our counsellors guide you through the complexities of genetic inheritance, helping you make informed decisions about your pregnancy.

60 min appointment

Pre-Test Counselling

Before NIPT or carrier screening tests

Our pre-test counselling sessions provide essential information about the tests’ benefits and limitations before undergoing genetic tests. We explain the types of tests available, such as NIPT and carrier screening, and discuss what they can reveal about your baby’s health. Our goal is to ensure you understand the purpose and potential outcomes of the tests, helping you make informed choices. These sessions are highly recommended before considering the tests.

30 min appointment

Post-Test Counselling

Understanding genetic tests results

After receiving your genetic test results, our post-test counselling sessions help you interpret and understand the findings. Our counsellors explain what the results mean for you and your baby, discussing any identified genetic conditions and their implications. We provide support and guidance on the next steps, including further testing or specialist referrals if necessary. Our team is here to help you navigate any emotional or practical concerns arising from the results.

30 min appointment


Abnormal nuchal scan

Receiving high-chance results for Down syndrome and other genetic conditions from a combined screening test (CST) is very stressful. Bad news often comes unexpectedly, creating feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and helplessness. Our genetic counsellors are professionals in managing these challenging situations. They are here to help, providing advice on your further diagnostic or screening options.

30 min appointment


Carrier screening tests are best done before trying to conceive

Plan your baby’s genetic health with our preconception counselling services. We provide detailed genetic assessments before pregnancy, identifying potential risks early. Our expert counsellors offer personalised advice and support, ensuring you make informed decisions. Start your journey with confidence and safeguard your baby’s future health. Contact us today to schedule your preconception counselling session.

60 min appointment

Short genetic inquiry

Question to genetic counsellor

Sometimes you may have a quick question about prenatal genetics, such as the availability of specific tests or genetic lab brands. It’s important to get an answer from a specialist rather than searching on Google. Our genetic counsellors provide concise answers to these questions. If they cannot answer immediately, they will check their professional genetic sources and get back to you. Please note that this service does not include counselling before or after tests or reviewing your family history or genetic risk assessments. For these services, please book an appropriate counselling session.

15 min telephone consultation


London Pregnancy Clinic offers a wide range of advanced and effective genetic screening tests. The best time for carrier screening is before pregnancy; for NIPT, it is at 10 gestational weeks. Our tests cover various types of genetic conditions. We strongly recommend genetic counselling with our counsellors before choosing a test. They will guide you and help you select the best test for your needs and requirements.

Carrier Screening Tests

Screening for 787 monogenic conditions

BEACON 787 is one of the most advanced carrier screening tests, detecting a wide variety of severe autosomal recessive and X-linked genetic conditions. We strongly recommend genetic counselling before taking this test. If a genetic condition is found, post-test counselling is included in the price. We also recommend that both parents undergo simultaneous carrier screening testing. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of potential genetic risks.


State-of-the art fetal health screening

SMART Test NIPT is the most advanced NIPT and scan package in the world. It’s our signature test for parents wanting detailed knowledge about their baby’s health without invasive testing risks. We offer two genetic packages: SMART Test KNOVA, performed by a leading US lab (Fulgent), and SMART Test Genoma, performed by a top European lab (Eurofins). Genetic counselling before the SMART test is essential to understand its advantages and limitations. This ensures you make an informed decision about your baby’s health.

Basic NIPT

Chromosomal screening

NIPT is the gold standard for screening common chromosomal anomalies (like Down syndrome). We offer two basic NIPTs: PrenatalSafe UK3, performed by the UK-based lab Eurofins, and Panorama AI, done by the US lab Natera. Panorama AI includes an extended basic panel and provides additional screening for sex chromosome aneuploidies and 22q deletion. Genetic counselling before NIPT is advisable to understand its pros and cons. This helps you make an informed decision about your baby’s health.

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