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Private Maternity Care in London

Our expert team of Obstetrician, Midwifes and to Pregnancy Specialists in London will care for throughout your journey all the way to birth

London’s Top Private Maternity Specialists

Our Private Maternity packages are carefully tailored to each pregnancy and mother’s individual needs. Our expert team consists of Obstetricians, Fetal Medicine Specialists, Midwives, and more. Our team will guide you throughout your pregnancy journey and help you make informed decisions about your and your baby’s health.

Whether you are considering a private delivery, NHS delivery, a Caesarean Section, or a natural birth, our team can assist you throughout your pregnancy with timely advice in Maternal Medicine, pregnancy scans, prescriptions, and blood tests, such as NIPT. Choose London Pregnancy Clinic to empower your decisions throughout your pregnancy.

London Pregnancy Clinic portrait of Ms Diane Nzelu is a Consultant in Maternal – Fetal medicine.

Meet Ms Diane Nzelu: Obstetrician, Maternal & Fetal Health Expert

Private Pregnancy and Maternity Care in London

Ms Nzelu recognises that each individual and pregnancy is unique in their characteristics and requirements. Therefore, the following care pathway is intended to provide a guide.   

Upon the first scheduled appointment, or ‘meet and greet’, there will be the opportunity to ensure that the care pathway is tailored to suit the holistic needs of you and your pregnancy.  

What the package includes:

  • Free ‘meet and greet’ to determine individual needs and discuss plan of care
  • Fetal medicine specialist led ultrasound scans
  • All antenatal consultations and examinations
  • A 2-4 weeks’ visit following birth (post-natal)
  • 3 midwife appointment fees

What the package does not include:

  • Pathology fees such as blood tests, swabs etc.
  • Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

At each of the following appointments, in addition to that specified below, Ms Nzelu will ask questions relating to your ongoing physical and emotional health and discuss any concerns you might have. 

Sample Package with Ms Nzelu (£6,800)

Weeks 6 – 9
Weeks 6-9

Viability Scan/Dating Scan

At this appointment, an early pregnancy scan can be performed, which will provide reassurance that the pregnancy is developing in the correct place (the uterus) and confirm that the dates are compatible with your last menstrual period.

It is also a great opportunity to meet Ms Nzelu, who will take a comprehensive history to find out about you and your partner, your background and any concerns or preferences you might have. 

Together, we can create a bespoke pathway of care for throughout your pregnancy and following the birth of your baby.  This would include investigations that can be performed early in your pregnancy such as the different booking blood tests, sending a mid-stream urine sample and checking your blood pressure.

Finally, we can discuss the different packages of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) available at LPC, helping you to navigate this important decision in time for when you return at 10 weeks.

Week 10
Week 10 & 11

NIPT and 10 Week Anomaly Scan

Ms Nzelu will perform an early anomaly scan at 10 weeks, which aims to exclude 10 severe fetal anomalies visible at this stage.  At this appointment, if you wish and with further opportunity to ask questions regarding the options available, you can proceed with NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Test).

Optional: Consultation with our Genetic Counsellor and Midwife Osteopath Appointment.

Week 12
Early Pregnancy Scan London - Graphic of a baby in the womb at the end of the First Trimester.
Weeks 6-9

Early Fetal/Nuchal translucency scan and consultation

The Early Fetal Scan, is our improved and more comprehensive version of the traditional nuchal translucency scan is another thorough top to toe examination of your baby to exclude anomalies at an early gestation and ensure healthy development of the pregnancy.

This appointment also provides opportunity to review the results of any investigations taken to date and discuss any early pregnancy symptoms.

Week 16
Week 10 & 11

Early Anatomy Scan

The early anatomy scan aims to screen for >100 serious anomalies typically screened for in the NHS at the mid trimester scan performed between 19 – 22 weeks.

Weeks 19-22
Early Pregnancy Scan London - Graphic of a baby in the womb at the end of the First Trimester.
Weeks 6-9

mid trimester anatomy scan (optional cervical length) and consultation

The anomaly scan performed by Ms Nzelu has a more comprehensive checklist of fetal structures than the mid-trimester anatomy NHS scan. 

In addition to the fetal structures, Ms Nzelu can evaluate for ultrasound markers that help predict the risk of developing a condition called pre-eclampsia later in pregnancy or having a small baby. She will discuss with you the option of measuring the cervical length at this scan.

Week 26-28
Week 10 & 11

anatomy and wellbeing scan

Another detailed scan will be performed to assess anatomy as the baby has grown and overall well-being of the pregnancy. 

Ms Nzelu will discuss blood tests that are typically carried out at this stage in the pregnancy, the option of screening for diabetes in pregnancy, sending a mid-stream urine sample and checking your blood pressure.

Week 32
Early Pregnancy Scan London - Graphic of a baby in the womb at the end of the First Trimester.
Weeks 6-9

fetal wellbeing scan and consultation

From this stage onwards, it is important to monitor the growth of the baby and overall wellbeing of the pregnancy. This will occur through a detailed scan checking the baby’s size, position and the ‘blood flows’, otherwise known as Dopplers’.  These scans will occur every 2-4 weeks depending on the individual need until birth. 

In addition to ensuring health of the baby, Ms Nzelu will ensure ongoing health of you. This will occur through taking a thorough history, monitoring your blood pressure, and reviewing the need for any additional tests.

Week 36 + every 2 weeks
Week 10 & 11

fetal wellbeing scan and consultation

In addition to that already specified above, this is an important time to confirm the details of your birth plan and discuss any lingering questions you might have about the last remaining weeks of your pregnancy, birth and immediately after birth.

2-4 weeks following birth
LPC favicon
Weeks 6-9

Postnatal checkup

Not only a wonderful opportunity for Ms Nzelu to meet your baby, but also to debrief on your birth and discuss any concerns you might have, family planning as well as future pregnancies where appropriate.

Routinely, all women following birth are seen by their GP at 6 – 8 weeks. This appointment provides a bridge to access support after birth whilst waiting for the routine check-up.

Obstetric, Fetal and Maternal medicine services

Full obstetric package with private delivery

This is our most comprehensive package for a full obstetric follow-up throughout your pregnancy. If you choose this package from the early stages of your pregnancy, you will have at least 15 appointments and scans to have a full picture of the progress of your pregnancy. 

This is where our specialists join forces to provide world class diagnostics, obstetric advice, fetal medicine expertise and outstanding care throughout your pregnancy journey. 

This will culminate in the delivery of your baby in the private Portland Hospital or at the private Fitzrovia Wing at UCLH

Call us on 020 3687 2939 to enquire about this package. Or book an initial consultation with Dr Nzelu.

Obstetric consultation

Pregnancy is a transformative experience for all women, it involves significant changes to your body and health. Our obstetrician care expert is here to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have to do with maternal medicine.

Pre-Pregnancy and post-Natal Care

Pregnancy is a transformative life experience for you and your body. Our experts in Obstetrics and Gynaecology offer a comprehensive health check up before and after your pregnancy journey. 

They will be able to advise on issues such as pelvic health, various blood tests and general health enquiries after your pregnancy. 

Fetal Medicine consultation

Being world leaders in fetal scanning, we are experts in the diagnosis of congenital fetal anomalies that may affect your baby during pregnancy. Our consultant obstetrician is able to advise and provide second opinion on various questions regarding fetal medicine. 

Pre Conception Screening

Ms Nazelu is also available for a pre-conception consultation to discuss various concerns regarding maternal/gynaecological health. 

This can also be done in conjunction with a preconception carrier screening with our expert genetic counsellor. 

A woman receiving a holistic approach to prenatal care at London Pregnancy Clinic

Holistic approach to prenatal care

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about our private pregnancy care packages

What do you fees include for the full obstetric package?

We believe in transparent pricing of our services, that is why our obstetric package includes all scans, NIPT blood tests, obstetric follow ups and essential blood tests. It also includes the consultant’s private delivery fee.

Please note, the Portland Hospital and UCLH will have their own separate hospital fees for delivering your baby in their premises. Please get in touch to find out more about the costs.

What happens in a case of an emergency?

In case of a medical emergency, please get in touch with your nearest NHS A&E or early pregnancy unit. If you are delivering privately, depending on the venue you chose for your delivery – either the Portland Hospital or UCLH will provide a midwife contact to advise you on the recommended steps when the obstetrician is not available. 

Where should I deliver, The Portland or UCLH?

Both The Portland Hospital and UCLH are world class institutions and were carefully selected by our team. Location wise, they are both situated in Central London withing 5 minutes’ drive from each other. 

For higher risk pregnancies, it is recommended to deliver at a hospital with adjacent acute services wing such as UCLH. Please get in touch with us to further discuss which hospital works the best for you. 

Who conducts my appointments and scans?

We designed this package to benefit from the expertise of each specialist, Dr Fred Ushakov will provide the first trimester scans as well as NIPT, while Ms Diane Nzelu will provide the obstetric follows-ups, fetal scanning at later stages of the pregnancy as well as the delivery itself.

What is a typical schedule of the full obstetric package?

Every pregnancy is different, and as such we tailor each package according to the recommended schedule for each patient. This is a sample schedule of what your appointments may look like when you start your obstetric package with us from 6-9 weeks:

Is it possible to opt for the obstetric package and private delivery at later stages of the pregnacy?

Yes, this is possible – it is never too late to opt for a private delivery. Please get in touch with us to discuss the option that suits you best and enquire about pricing. 

What antenatal care is routinely offered by the NHS in England?

The NHS in England provides comprehensive antenatal care to ensure the health and wellbeing of both the mother and the baby throughout pregnancy. The following are the key services routinely offered:

1. Regular Antenatal Appointments: Regular check-ups with midwives or obstetricians to monitor the progress of the pregnancy, track the baby’s growth, and address any concerns.

2. Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans:

  • Dating Scan (8-14 weeks): Confirms the pregnancy, estimates the due date, and checks for multiple pregnancies.
  • Anomaly Scan (18-21 weeks): Examines the baby’s development and detects any potential anomalies.

3. Blood Tests:

  • Blood Group and Rhesus Status: Determines the mother’s blood type and checks for Rhesus factor.
  • Full Blood Count: Detects anaemia and other conditions.
  • Infections Screening: Tests for infections such as HIV, hepatitis B, and syphilis.
  • Gestational Diabetes Test (24-28 weeks): Screens for diabetes during pregnancy.

4. Urine Tests: Regular checks for protein, glucose, and signs of infection to monitor kidney function and detect conditions like pre-eclampsia.

5. Blood Pressure Monitoring: Regular blood pressure checks to identify and manage conditions such as pre-eclampsia.

6. Foetal Growth and Position Checks: Physical examinations and measurements to ensure the baby is growing and positioned correctly.

7. Screening for Genetic Conditions:

  • Combined Screening (11-14 weeks): Assesses the risk of Down’s syndrome, Edwards’ syndrome, and Patau’s syndrome.
  • Quadruple Test (14-20 weeks): Another screening option for Down’s syndrome if the combined screening is missed.

8. Antenatal Classes: Educational sessions covering childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care, providing practical advice and emotional support.

9. Mental Health Support: Assessment and support for mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, ensuring comprehensive care for the mother’s overall wellbeing.

10. Postnatal Planning: Guidance on postnatal care, including information on birth plans, pain relief options, and preparing for labour and delivery.

The NHS antenatal care programme aims to provide personalised and attentive care to all expectant mothers, ensuring a healthy and positive pregnancy experience.

For more information on antenatal care, please visit the NHS website.

Do you want to find out more about our private pregnancy care packages? Contact us:

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