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Use the tabs below to choose the relevant appointment time to you. 

We may be able to accommodate last minute, same day availability. If you don’t see a slot on the booking system, please call us on 020 3687 2939.

There is a £30 surcharge on weekend and evening appointments.

  • Scans

    Private ultrasound in London prices for singleton pregnancies (+ £30 surcharge on weekends/evenings)
    Weeks Price  
    Viability scan 6-9 140 Book now
    10 Week Scan 10-11 260 Book now
    Early Fetal Scan 12-16 260 Book now
    Early Echocardiography 12-18 320 Book now
    Anomaly Scan 20-25 260 Book now
    3rd Trimester Anomaly Scan 26-29 260 Book now
    Wellbeing Scan 30-35 260 Book now
    Presentation Scan 36-40 260 Book now
    Scan Upon Request 10-40 260 Book now

    Scan Packages 

    packages number of scans Price  
    Early Fetal Reassurance 2 500 Book now
    NHS Complementing Package 3 730 Book now
    Comprehensive Scan Package 6 1250 Book now

    NIPT blood test is charged separately: 

    Harmony/PrenatalSAFE NIPT for £280 or Panorama NIPT for £240.

    Refund policy for packages:

    In the unfortunate event of pregnancy loss or various pregnancy complications where the pregnancy scan package is deemed unnecessary by our Medical Staff, we will refund you the proportion of the scans that were not performed. For example, if you took a 3 scan package and only ended up having 2 of the 3, we will refund you 33% of the total package fee. 

  • NIPT

    Private ultrasound costs in London for NIPT (+ £30 surcharge on weekends/evenings)
    NIPT package Days* Price  
    Unity NIPT + Scan   7-10 490 Book now
    PrenatalSAFE + Scan  2-4 540 Book now
    Panorama NIPT + Scan 7-10 540 Book now
    SMART Test + 2 Scans 10-15 1690 Book now

    * Working days turnaround (applies in 98% of cases when the test doesn’t fail) 

    NIPT is only offered alongside a scan

    At London Pregnancy Clinic, we check the baby’s structural development via a detailed ultrasound scan, and only then offer you a choice of 3 NIPT. All NIPTs include screening for Down’s, Edward’s and Patau’s Syndromes, with some additional options. 

    NIPT blood test costs:

    • PrenatalSAFE NIPT – £540 

    The test is performed by EuroFins in Guilford, with turnaround time 2-4 working days in 98% of the cases.

    • Panorama NIPT – £540

    The test is performed by Natera in the US, with turnaround time 7-10 working days in 98% of the cases. 

    Option to add screening for Di George Syndrome is included in the price. Add Microdeletion Panel for an additional £250 (total £790.)

    • Unity NIPT – £490 

    The test is performed by BillionToOne in California, with turnaround time 7-10 working days in 98% of the cases.

    • Pregnancy Care

      We offer private pregnancy care, obstetric consultations, fetal medicine consultations and private delivery packages, all fees are stated below.
      Service Price  
      Obstetric Consultation 300 Book now
      Fetal Medicine Consultation + Scan 550 Book now
      Private Delivery Initial Consultation 300 Book now
      Full Obstetric Package + Delivery Initial Consultation 300 Book now

      If you decide to go ahead with Mr Stott’s Private Pregnancy Care package and Private Delivery options following the initial consultation, the cost of consultation will be absorbed in the cost of the package.

      Please call to discuss Mr Daniel Stott’s fees as well as Portland Hospital/UCLH Fitzrovia Wing fees.

    • Gynae

      Private gynaecology consultation fees.
      Consultation Price  
      Initial Consultation  300 Book now
      Follow-Up Consultation 200 Book now
      Early Pregnancy Scan + Consultation 400 Book now
      Pelvic Scan (scan only) 260 Book now
      Scan + Consultation 475 Book now
      HyCoSy Scan 550 Book now

      Self-Pay Packages 

      Consultation Price  
      Recurrent Miscarriage Package 1100 Book now
      Sexual Health Check Up 600 Book now
      Coil Fitting (Hormonal/Non) 600/520 Book now
      Fertility Health Check Up 800 Book now
      Well-Woman Check Up 850 Book now
      Menopausal Health Check Up  900 Book now
      Endometriosis Package 500 Book now
      PCOS Package 800 Book now
      HPV Vaccination 900 Book now
      Uterine Fibroids Testing & Monitoring 600 Book now
      Ovarian Cancer Screening 550 Book now

      All Gynaecology bookings require a £50 deposit, which is fully refundable if you cancel in writing up to 24 hours before the appointment start time.

      Insurance; we currently work with Aviva/AXA/BUPA/WPA/Aetna/Vitality. Please check with your insurer which treatment they cover and provide an authorisation number prior to your visit. 

    • Fertility

      Fertility Scans Offered by our Specialist Sonographers
      Type Price  
      Follicle Tracking Scan 150 Book now
      Endometrial Lining Scan 120 Book now
      HyCoSy (with Consultant Gynaecologist) 550 Book now
      Pelvic Scan  260 Book now
      Scan + Consultation 475 Book now
      Comprehensive Fertility Check (HyCoSy + Bloods + Consultation) 800 Book now
      Comprehensive Semen Analysis 220 Book now