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Doppler Scan

Doppler ultrasound checks blood flow pattern in different vessels

Do I need to have Doppler Scan?

Doppler is ultrasound technology used for examination of the blood flow in the fetal heart, different fetal vessels and maternal uterine arteries. Fetal Spectral Doppler scans are used in different situations especially in management small babies, fetuses with anemia or monitoring of the ladies with different heath conditions. Please ask your health provider if you need the Doppler ultrasound.

Can City Ultrasound perform Doppler Scan for my fetus?

Yes we can perform any type of maternal-fetal Dopplers if your health provider will ask us to do the scan and we can send him/her report of the findings immediately after the examination. We do not perform Dopplers for screening purposes, because the role of screening Doppler studies is still controversial.

Types of Doppler scans we can perform:

To do a Doppler scan for the specific indication we will need to get a written or emailed request of your doctor/midwife with his/her clear contact information (email, mobile phone number).

We can perform Doppler examination of:

  1. Uterine arteries
  2. Umbilical arteries
  3. Middle cerebral artery
  4. Ductus venosus

We use Colour Doppler in order to exclude fetal anomalies

Colour Doppler represents powerful noninvasive ultrasound imaging technology which visualise structures with blood perfusion. It depicts the structure of the heart and vessels by visualisation of blood flow. We widely use this advanced technology for fetal heart examination (fetal echocardiography) and other situations like vasa previa screening.

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