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Ms Ailidh Watson

Registered Private Genetic Counsellor.

London Pregnancy Clinic Team - Private registered genetic counsellor - Ailidh Watson - Experienced Women's Health Specialists in City of London
The profile of

Ms Ailidh Watson


Ailidh is a registered private genetic counsellor with specialist interests in prenatal and patients with cleft lip and/or palate. She has a broad range of experience in genetic counselling, including prenatal, cancer and cleft patients.

Medical Qualifications/Specialisations

BSc (Hons) Genetics, University of Glasgow, 2017

MSc Genomic Counselling, University of Manchester, 2021 (distinction)

Skilled Helper Course

AHCS Registered no. 47397

HCPC Registered no. CS022522

Services offered

Genetic counselling

Carrier screening

NIPT counselling

Prenatal Screening including NIPT

Special Professional Interests

Prenatal genetics

Reproductive genetic counselling

Genetics of cleft lip and/or palate

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