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Ms Diane Nzelu

Consultant in Maternal – Fetal medicine BSc MBChB MD MRCOG

London Pregnancy Clinic portrait of Ms Diane Nzelu is a Consultant in Maternal – Fetal medicine.
The profile of

Ms Diane Nzelu


Ms Diane Nzelu is a Consultant in Maternal – Fetal medicine.  She is currently based at UCLH as the Obstetric Lead for the North Central London Maternal medicine network. Ms Nzelu completed her subspecialist training in Maternal – Fetal medicine and an advanced training module in the management of labour ward at UCLH.   

Throughout her training, Ms Nzelu has gained a breadth of experience in the management of medically complex pregnancies, with a focus on offering a client-centred individualised package of care.   

She completed her medical training at Warwick University following a first-class undergraduate degree in Medical Microbiology at Edinburgh University.   

Ms Nzelu then undertook her training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the South London Deanery during which she completed her MD thesis at King’s College Hospital.   

Her special interest and research are primarily in hypertensive conditions of pregnancies, with over 15 publications and two book chapters published in this area. Ms Nzelu was appointed as an honorary senior lecturer at KCL and uses her strong foundation in research to develop evidence-based best practice.   

Finally, Ms Nzelu has a passion for participating in global maternal health strategies and is working together with the Ministry of Health in Uganda to establish shared learning pathways between institutions in the UK and abroad.    

Medical Qualifications/Specialisations

BSc(Hons) 1st class, University of Edinburgh, 2005 

MBChB, Warwick University, 2009  

MRCOG, 2015 

MD (research thesis), King’s College London, 2022 

Services offered

Preconceptual counselling  

Anomaly Scans

Uterine artery Doppler screening 

Cervical length assessment 

Growth scans 

Placental localisation 

Antenatal education and Obstetric consultations  


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Kametas NA, Nzelu D, Nicolaides KH. Chronic hypertension and superimposed preeclampsia: screening and diagnosis. AJOG. 2022 


Martin A, Nzelu D et al. A comparison of techniques to disimpact the fetal head on a second stage caesearean simulator. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 2022  

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Nzelu D et al. Chronic hypertension: first-trimester blood pressure control and likelihood of severe hypertension, preeclampsia, and small for gestational age. AJOG. 2018 

Nzelu D et al. Pregnancy outcomes in women with previous gestational hypertension: A cohort study to guide counselling and management. Pregnancy hypertension. 2018 

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Special Professional Interests

Medical complications in pregnancy  

First trimester screening for preeclampsia  

Diagnosis and management of hypertensive conditions in pregnancy  

Screening and prevention of preterm birth  

Non-invasive prenatal testing 

Global maternal health  

Placental insufficiency and management of fetal growth restriction  

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