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Ms Sarah Kheirallah

Private Midwife with a holistic approach.

London Pregnancy Clinic - Private midwife antenatal care - Sarah Kheirallah
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Ms Sarah Kheirallah


Ms Sarah Kheirallah is a midwife, osteopath and acupuncturist specialised in providing holistic care during pregnancy and beyond. She is currently based in multiple teaching hospitals in London where she holds specialist roles in Pelvic Health.

After graduating as a midwife in France in 2010, she decided to further her studies and graduated in Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in 2014 and in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in 2016. To broaden her knowledge, Sarah completed a specialist training in Pelvic Health in 2018. She also graduated as an osteopath from the University College of Osteopathy, London.

She also works with an American NGO “MEET International“, helping improve maternal and neonatal outcomes in a busy region in Vietnam working collectively with different specialists (psychiatrists, anaesthetists, nutritionists…) from around the world.

Medical Qualifications/Specialisations

BSc Midwifery, Lille 2 University of Health and Law, 2010

Acupuncture Diploma, University Paris XIII, 2011

Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnosis, 2016

Certificate in Perineology, 2018

M. Ost, University College of Osteopathy, London, 2020

Services offered

Private midwifery

Online Midwife consultation

Antenatal education



Pelvic Health

Postnatal care

Private Maternity

Fertility support

Special Professional Interests

Holistic approach

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