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Prepregnancy genetic testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question? We have an answer.

What is offered by the NHS?

Your first scan with the NHS is likely to be the Nuchal Translucency/Dating scan at 11-14 weeks. This scan is predominantly designed to screen for the same chromosomal anomalies as NIPT using an older methodology developed in the 1990s. NIPT is a far more advanced test developed in 2011 with a much higher accuracy.

Most crucially, majority of NHS Trusts have no protocols for structural anomalies screening until ~20 weeks. Our scans are especially designed to screen for every anomaly detectable from an early gestational age and will improve the management of the pregnancy.

Can I have my images from the scan? What else will I get?

Yes, of course. We use Tricefy which is a secure cloud system to upload images from your scan to be viewed before you even leave the scanning room! You will also receive a hard and soft copy of your detailed ultrasound report as well as some high-quality colour printouts for you to take home with you!

Tricefy also allows you to download the images from the scan and share him with your loved ones via message/social media.

We provide still ultrasound images for you to take away with you on the day. We also send these to you electronically, with a couple of video clips. We provide a USB stick with the full 3D/4D experience.

Should I opt for the COVID-19 Vaccine in pregnancy?

We strongly recommend following the advice of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and the Royal College of Midwives regarding the COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy. It is strongly recommended to take your COVID-19 jabs, including the booster jabs, to protect yourself and your unborn baby from infection. If you have an underlying health condition, it is strongly advised to discuss your COVID-19 vaccination with your regular GP or healthcare provider.

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