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Private Recurrent Miscarriage Tests in London

This package is designed for women who have recurrent miscarriages, to identify potential causes with our consultant gynaecologists.

Is this package for me?

If you have had two or more miscarriages in a row, this package can give you an insight into possible causes and offer advice and treatments to reduce the risk of recurrent miscarriage and improve the chance of a successful pregnancy.

What is included in this package?

The most common causes of miscarriage are uterine problems, immunological factors, hormonal disorders and genetic abnormalities. As such, it is important to conduct a thorough investigation of each of those factors at our recurrent miscarriage clinic in London. This includes a consultation and an expert pelvic ultrasound examination by our consultant gynaecologist, as well as a blood panel (takes 10-15 days) to screen for the following: 

Coagulation Profile
Antithrombin III
Factor V Leiden
Common Mutation
Factor II Prothrombin
Common Mutation
MTHFR Common Variants
Lupus Anticoagulant
Protein C
Free Protein S Ag
Anticardiolipin Abs
Chromosome Analysis

* Chromosomal profile of partner can also be arranged with TDL for an additional cost.

How will I get my results?

You will receive your ultrasound scan report shortly after your appointment via our secure cloud system. The bloods are processed by our partner laboratory TDL here in London and can take 10-15 days to be processed.

Following the receipt of the results, we will arrange a 10 minute Zoom/telephone consultation to interpret the results and discuss potential recurrent miscarriage treatment options.

We are also happy to send the results to your GP and arrange any further referrals as appropriate.

Further steps

In some cases, it is recommended to perform an examination for your partner and/or a more in-depth examination of the uterus to identify further chromosomal problems which we will be happy to arrange at an additional cost.

Do you want to know more or need a consultation?

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