Scan Upon Request

Anytime Reassurance at any stage of your pregnancy

Scan Upon Request - if you need a second opinion or reassurance

We offer Second Opinion
and Same Day Reassurance Scans

Our Fetal Medicine experts are available for non-urgent reassurance scans as well as second opinion on a diagnosis you may have had elsewhere. Please note, that we provide an advanced diagnostic services, not a counselling regarding management of fetal or pregnancy abnormalities.

If you are experiencing severe symptoms like heavy bleeding/pain, we advise to attend/call your nearest A&E as we do not provide emergency services.

Scan Upon Request - at any time, even on short notice

Any Time Reassurance

We are fully committed to providing the best possible diagnostic imaging and doing everything we can to exclude any fetal anomalies or conditions. The structures we examine will primarily depend on the gestational age and other circumstances. However, every scan will include an examination of the fetal brain and heart.

Please note that during scans we provide high quality screening and diagnostic services. In the case of clinically significant findings , fetal anomalies or other pregnancy complications we will provide support for your referral for further counselling for these conditions at the NHS or private providers.

In the UK, this type of counselling, management, and treatment is provided by the NHS Fetal Medicine Units.

In case of a Medical Emergency

If you exhibit any serious symptoms, please go directly to A&E in a hospital.

London Pregnancy Clinic does not have facilities for urgent treatment. Therefore, if you have serious abdominal cramping, bleeding, fluid leakage, absence of fetal movements, or any other abnormal symptoms, please go directly to a hospital. Booking one of our scans under such circumstances can be counterproductive and cause delays in the urgent treatment you may require.

Scan Upon Request - please contact NHS if you think you are in a serious condition
Frequently Asked Questions

You have a question? We have an answer.

What is offered by the NHS?

NHS hospitals provide 24/7 emergency care for pregnant women. Therefore, if you have serious abdominal cramping, bleeding, fluid leakage, absence of fetal movements, or any other abnormal symptoms, please go directly to an A&E in your hospital.

Can I have my images from the scan? What else will I get?

Yes, of course. We use Tricefy which is a secure cloud system to upload images and videos from your scan to be viewed before you even leave the scanning room! You will also receive a hard and soft copy of your detailed ultrasound report as well as some high-quality colour printouts for you to take home with you!

Tricefy also allows you to download the images and videos from the scan and share him with your loved ones via message/social media.

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