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Transvaginal Scan

Transvaginal scans are an integral part of fetal & pregnancy assessment

What is transvaginal scan (TVS)?

“Transvaginal” means an internal examination through the vagina. TVS probes have extraordinary resolution and may provide unique information regarding fetal anatomy, placenta, womb, cervix and other important structures.

Technically examination by TVS during pregnancy is identical to gynaecolodical ultrasound. The special high resolution probe is aseptically cleaned, covered with sterile cover (like condom) and sterile lubricating gel. It is important to know, if you have any latex allergy, because in the case of allergy we will use latex-free probe covers.

The operator performing transvaginal scan in pregnancy needs to have very high level of expertise and experience. TVS scan represents significant challenge for the doctor or sonographer because of difficulties of obtaining correct images and there are just few specialist in London performing transvaginal assessment of the early fetus.

TVS scan is optional and you may decide to avoid this type of examination. In this case we will explain you the limitations of transabdominal scan in your case. Please be aware that we never offer you TVS in the case we can get sufficient information about your baby and pregnancy by transabdominal scan.

Important: please empty your bladder immediately before the transvaginal scan. Even small amount of urine in the bladder will change the position of the womb and will reduce the quality of image.

When it is important to perform TVS

  • Early pregnancy scan assessment of fetal anatomy
  • Fetal neurosonography (expert examination of the brain)
  • Screening for vasa previa
  • Measurement of cervical length
  • Examination of the post-C-section scar
  • Examination of the placenta for abnormalities
  • Other specific situations

TVS is safe for you or your baby.

TVS use the same safe ultrasound waves to get the images of the baby and womb. The probe can not get in direct contact with fetus. Usually due to better resolution the time of TVS imaging is shorter comparing with transabdominal scan.

We use completely aseptic technique of preparation of the probe and there is no risk of infection.

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