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Urgent Scan

Please read information below

If you have any serious symptoms please go to your hospital

London Pregnancy Clinic has no facilities for urgent treatment and if you have serious abdominal cramps, bleeding, leakage of fluid, absence of fetal movements or any other abnormal symptoms please go to your (or nearest) hospital. Coming to private scan can delay the treatment (if you need one).

If you are anxious about your baby please come to us

If you are anxious that you baby may have anomaly or other condition, we are happy to arrange you scan as early as possible. In this situation please contact us by email or phone and we will help you.

Alternatively you can use our on line booking system in this site to arrange Scan Upon Request.

If your baby does not move for long period or has very weak movements please go to your hospital. You may need to have fetal monitor rather than scan.

NHS Emergency Hotline

If you think you need medical help fast please call


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