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Cervical Scan

Transvaginal Scan for Measurement of Cervical Length

Who may need to have Cervical Scan?

Cervical Scan is important for women who have an increased risk of delivering their baby preterm such as:

  • Spontaneous preterm birth before 34 weeks or late miscarriage
  • Surgery on their cervix or womb (other than cesarean section)
  • Having previous delivery by urgent cesarean section which was performed during full dilatation
  • Abnormal shape of the womb like heart-shaped (bicornuate uterus) or other uterine anomalies
  • Other indications

Why our Cervical Scan is different?

The only correct way to measure the cervix is by transvaginal scan (TVS). This approach represent a unique window to check the structures deeply hidden in your pelvis and poorly visible by transabdominal scan. Those structures are lower part of the womb, presenting (lower) parts of the baby and other intrapelvic structures.

We are not narrow minded and at Cervical Scan will offer you also checks for vasa previa, placental position and abnormalities and if you had previous cesarean section(s) will check the relationship between the scar(s) and the placenta. We will also check the parts of your baby which may be better visible by transvaginal approach.

The additional scan of important structures is fast and usually add little to the overall time of transvaginal examination of the cervix. You can also decide not to check additional structures and to have only the measurements of the cervical length.

Pricing for Cervical Scan: we do this for you for free

If you have an indication for cervical length measurements we can perform cervical assessment and cervical length measurements during any of our fetal scans.

Our philosophy is to perform the best imaging possible in any specific situation. We do not add any surcharge for the transvaginal scans, even taking into consideration that those types of scan are time consuming and require special expertise.

This means that if you require a measurement of the cervical length during the anomaly scan (or any other scan) you still will pay only the basic price of the anomaly scan.

Please note we are not performing a scan of your cervix without checking the anatomy and wellbeing of your baby so you cannot have a scan just measuring the cervical length.

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