Growth Scan

We check your baby growth at any stage of pregnancy

What is a growth scan?

The term “growth scan” is used by many hospitals and ultrasound centres. A growth scan checks how well the baby is growing and usually performed at the third trimester of pregnancy. It checks fetal growth and vital signs.

In majority of the places the scan does not aim to exclude fetal anomalies.

Do we perform Growth Scans?

The short answer is yes:

  • we check fetal growth at any scan and at any stage of the pregnancy
  • in the 3rd trimester we perform Developmental Scan which includes the “growth scan”

What is the difference between Developmental and Growth Scans?

According to recent publication from two London-based hospitals, which have good quality screening programs, the quarter (24.8%) of all fetal anomalies were diagnosed in the 3rd trimester (35-37 weeks). Developmental scan aims to exclude those fetal problems which have late manifestation.

At Developmental Scan:

  • we check fetal structures especially brain, heart and kidneys to exclude anomalies which have a delay in development or previously undiagnosed
  • we check fetal growth
  • we check fetal wellbeing
  • we check the condition of the placenta and amniotic fluid volume

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