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Nurturing Future Women’s Health Leaders

Olivia Bosworth’s internship journey at LPC.

25. April 2024
Last Modified
25. April 2024

Meet Olivia, a dedicated Global Health major from the U.S., interning at the London Pregnancy Clinic (LPC) as she journeys towards becoming a Maternal Fetal Medicine physician. Discover the invaluable experiences she’s gained and the profound impact of her work.

Embarking on a journey from the U.S. to London, Olivia’s story at the London Pregnancy Clinic is one of growth, discovery, and commitment to maternal health. This blog delves into how her internship at LPC has been pivotal in her pursuit of a career in Maternal Fetal Medicine, providing her with unparalleled insights into the dynamics of prenatal care.

Immersion in London’s Medical Community

“I immediately knew it would be the perfect fit,” Olivia reflects. Her year abroad is dedicated to soaking up every element of British healthcare, with LPC serving as a comprehensive backdrop. This chance to juxtapose various healthcare practices has been incredibly beneficial, broadening her perspective for her future medical career.

Multifaceted Role in Prenatal Care

Olivia’s daily duties at LPC are diverse and impactful. As part of the medical assistant team, she’s pivotal in the clinic’s day-to-day operations, often starting her day at reception, assisting with patient check-ins and administrative tasks.

Her role extends beyond these duties; Olivia collaborates closely with a wide range of women’s health specialists, including gynaecologists, obstetricians, and early pregnancy scan specialists. This collaboration has enriched her understanding of prenatal care comprehensively.

These interactions allow Olivia to witness the interdisciplinary nature of women’s healthcare firsthand. She assists in clinical settings, engages in patient care planning discussions, and observes intricate medical procedures. Exposure to various specialities not only boosts her medical knowledge but also deepens her appreciation for the collaborative efforts needed to deliver top-notch prenatal care.

In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Olivia enhances LPC’s digital outreach. She contributes to the LPC YouTube channel, aiming to educate and inform a global audience about pregnancy. Here, she hosts videos discussing topics like pregnancy trimesters and LPC’s pregnancy scan timeline.

Lessons in Compassion and Professionalism

LPC’s approach to handling sensitive situations profoundly impacts Olivia. Observing the staff’s compassionate delivery of difficult news has underscored the importance of empathy in healthcare. These experiences have shaped her professional and personal growth significantly.

Olivia’s Internship experience

Every day presents new challenges and learning opportunities, fuelling Olivia’s passion for maternal-fetal medicine. “I’ve gained extensive knowledge in prenatal care, especially in recognising the significant impact of consistent sonography throughout pregnancy,” she comments. Olivia’s narrative powerfully illustrates how crucial hands-on experience is for those committed to making a healthcare impact.

She adds, “Seeing the joy of expectant mothers upon receiving positive Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) results or viewing a 3D scan of their baby is both captivating and heartwarming.”

Watch Olivia’s full interview below. 

Building a Foundation for Excellence in Women’s Health

At LPC, we’re dedicated to training the next wave of healthcare professionals, with a focus on prenatal care. Our internship program not only provides practical experience but also fosters future field leaders. Our interns inject fresh perspectives and energy into our clinic, crucial for our ongoing improvement and innovation.

Final Thoughts

Olivia’s internship at LPC is more than just a career step; it’s a leap towards making a real difference in family lives. Her experiences highlight the value of LPC’s internship program in shaping healthcare’s future leaders.

We ensure our interns engage in all clinic aspects, from patient care to community outreach via our digital platforms. This comprehensive approach equips them for future healthcare challenges and opportunities, providing the necessary skills to excel in any medical setting.

Inspired by Olivia’s journey? Keen to contribute to pioneering prenatal care? Visit our careers page to learn more about LPC’s internship opportunities and how you can join a team that champions growth, compassion, and excellence in healthcare.

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