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Early pregnancy ultrasound excellence: 2023

Stylised white stork in flight against a peach-coloured backdrop, carrying a black bundle over a simplified, orange-hued London skyline, symbolising early pregnancy care and ultrasound excellence at the London Pregnancy Clinic.

Year of Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Excellence!

London Pregnancy Clinic: Celebrating the Milestones of 2023



Welcome to our annual wrap-up at the London Pregnancy Clinic, where we celebrate a year’s worth of early pregnancy ultrasound excellence and set our sights on the future. 2023 was a year of tremendous growth and profound impact, as we continued to provide exceptional care and support to expectant mothers. We are proud to share our progress, including the expansion of our specialist team, the enhancement of our services, and our ever-growing online community. This reflection not only highlights the milestones achieved but also sets the stage for our ambitious plans in 2024, focusing on further innovation in prenatal care and in-depth discussions on our services, particularly the ‘Smart Test’. Join us as we recount our journey through 2023, celebrating the strides we’ve made in early pregnancy ultrasound excellence.

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Doubling the Expertise

This year, our healthcare specialists’ team impressively doubled, boosting our capacity for expert care. We welcomed Ms. Shaz Khojasteh and, in December, Ms. Diane Nzelu. Their expertise has been invaluable, enhancing our mission of early pregnancy ultrasound excellence.

2023 marked our inaugural CPD event at Wallacespace. We delved into preeclampsia, Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), and the 10 Week Scan. These sessions bolstered our collaborative approach, all the while maintaining a focus on early pregnancy ultrasound excellence.

Revolutionising Early Pregnancy Scans and NIPT 

Significant changes marked our NIPT services this year. With Harmony’s closure, we partnered with Unity and PrenatalSafe. These alliances ensure that our patients continue to receive the utmost in screening technologies, reinforcing our commitment to early pregnancy ultrasound excellence. As we move forward, our commitment extends beyond providing current services; we are dedicated to researching and adopting the best NIPTs available. This commitment includes not only the screening’s accuracy and comprehensiveness but also the logistical aspects like delivery and result wait times, ensuring that our services are as convenient as they are reliable.

This year, we launched the ‘Smart Test‘, innovating early pregnancy diagnostics. This comprehensive product utilises a dual approach of early ultrasound, epitomising our commitment to early pregnancy ultrasound excellence. As we continue to embrace and refine this service, we are excited to announce that 2024 will bring even more detailed discussions and insights about the ‘Smart Test’.

We plan to delve deeper into how this test is transforming early pregnancy care, sharing the success stories and the science behind it. We’ll provide more educational content, including webinars, articles, and videos, to help expectant mothers and families understand the value and implications of the ‘Smart Test’. Our team of experts will also be available to answer questions, address concerns, and discuss how this innovative approach is part of the future of prenatal care.

Our focus has been on integrating NIPTs that offer a blend of high detection rates, low false positives, and a wide range of detectable conditions. We understand that the waiting period for results can be an anxious time for expectant parents. Thus, we are actively working to reduce this duration by streamlining processes and engaging with faster, yet equally reliable, lab services.

We aim to make NIPTs more accessible to a wider range of our patients, understanding that early and accurate screening can make a significant difference in prenatal care and planning. We are investigating more cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, aiming to include as many expectant parents as possible in the benefits of advanced prenatal screening.

Engaging Community Online

Remarkably, our dedication to educating and engaging with our community translated into significant online milestones. We reached 19,000 subscribers on YouTube, a testament to our engaging and informative content. Each video is a part of our commitment to demystify pregnancy and provide accessible, expert advice. From tips for a healthy pregnancy to detailed explanations of prenatal tests, our YouTube channel has become a valuable resource for expectant mothers worldwide.

Additionally, we received over 300 reviews on Trustpilot, reflecting the trust and satisfaction of our patients. These reviews are more than numbers; they are stories of the personal, positive impacts our services have had. Each review motivates us to continue improving and reaffirms our commitment to providing the highest standard of care.


In reflection, 2023 has been a year of solidifying foundations and embracing growth. Our team’s dedication has been unwavering, fuelled by a shared vision of excellence. Furthermore, our partnerships have strengthened, and our community has grown, all united by the goal of superior prenatal care.

As we look forward to 2024, we are filled with hope and anticipation. Our plans are ambitious, and aimed at further enhancing our services and outreach. Additionally, we remain dedicated to our educational initiatives, understanding their role in empowering expectant mothers.

In sum, 2023 has been a stepping stone, laying the groundwork for a future bright with possibility. We thank each member of our community for their part in this journey. Together, we look forward to continuing our commitment to early pregnancy ultrasound excellence in the coming year.

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Happy Holidays for 2023!

Happy Holidays 2023 from London Pregnancy Clinic! An illustrative 2D minimalist holiday scene with soft baby pink and pale orange hues, featuring abstract representations of clinicians and maternity care, symbolising warmth and festive cheer.

Happy Holidays for 2023!

Our warmest wishes to those pregnant during the holidays! 



As the year draws to a close, London Pregnancy Clinic extends the warmest holiday greetings to all. Join us in reflecting on the year past and looking forward to a new beginning, filled with hope and health. Discover the warmth of being pregnant during the holidays and look ahead to a New Year brimming with health, happiness, and vital early pregnancy scans.

Ho Ho Ho! As the holiday season wraps us in a big, cheerful hug, we at London Pregnancy Clinic are bubbling with excitement to spread some festive cheer and a sprinkle of spectacular news! It’s time to jingle all the way into the holidays with heartfelt wishes and exciting updates.

Double the Joy, Double the Care

2023 has been a remarkable year for us – we’ve grown from a cozy team to a bustling family of 8 clinicians! That’s right, we’ve doubled our capacity, all thanks to the trust and support from wonderful people like you. This growth means more laughter, more stories, and most importantly, more expert hands to ensure you receive the best care on your pregnancy journey.

The London Pregnancy Clinic team embraced festive creativity by designing a unique LEGO Group Ultrasound Set, introducing a maternity care theme to the LEGO City world. This charming set features a pregnant mini-figure, a doctor, and a nurse, celebrating the journey of motherhood and the care surrounding expectant mothers. While not an official LEGO product, it’s been a delightful symbol of joy and imagination at the clinic, with everyone thoroughly enjoying and expressing admiration for the playful concept. The clinic has been abuzz with favorite picks from the set, truly making this festive period more memorable and fun!

The Magic of Early Pregnancy Scans

As we gather round the festive season, it’s not just the holiday cheer we’re celebrating at London Pregnancy Clinic, but also the leaps we’ve made in pregnancy care. Our joy doubles as we reflect on the innovations and advancements we’ve embraced this year, which you can explore in-depth at London Pregnancy Clinic’s Innovations in Pregnancy Care.

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of prenatal care has led us to double our team of clinicians and embrace state-of-the-art technology for early pregnancy scans, including the critical 10 Week Scan. It’s been a year of growing, learning, and most importantly, enhancing the care we provide to you.

We celebrated each milestone, big and small, with the same enthusiasm as preparing for the holiday season. From integrating the latest ultrasound technology to training our team in the most compassionate and effective care techniques, every step forward has been aimed at ensuring your journey through pregnancy is supported, safe, and filled with joy.

Being Pregnant During The Holidays

Imagine the twinkle of Christmas lights reflected in your eyes as you envision the future with your growing family. Being pregnant during the holidaysadds an extra layer of excitement and emotion to the festive season. It’s a time filled with dreams of future Christmases, the first of many with your new addition.

You might find yourself humming lullabies instead of carols, or maybe you’re nesting with even more enthusiasm, preparing your home for both the holidays and your bundle of joy. The season’s spirit of hope and joy mirrors your own hopes and dreams for your little one.

Of course, it’s not without its challenges – navigating holiday feasts with a discerning palate or finding that perfect comfortable spot by the fireplace. Thankfully, Associates In Women’s Healthcare has come up with a list of 5 things to avoid when pregnant during the holidays. But amidst it all, there’s a unique magic to being pregnant during Christmas – a celebration of life, love, and new beginnings.


From heartwarming early scans to the joyous growth of our team, this holiday season is a beacon of celebration and hope. We’re geared up to enter the New Year with even more passion and dedication to your care. Remember, our doors are always open, and our team is ever-ready to support your journey with expertise and empathy.

So, here’s raising a toast to the past, present, and future – filled with health, happiness, and countless reasons to smile. Cheers to a fantastic holiday season!

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